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Making social connections is considered the most important part of traditional schooling. Yes, we can achieve the same in an online environment as well. Online education is not Just learn, learn. learn Its fun too. there’s something for everyone in our online clubs & activities program.

A range of on tine activities and clubs makes rt possible for students to make connections, expand their horizons, and support their academic interests. Right through the year, students.

A Student Clubs

Art Club

Students explore 2D and 30 art and graphic design. They create original designs and artwork, build an e-portfolio, and share their artwork

Crafts Club

Students to create crafts using materials found at home and in nature. Integrated with subjects such as social studies, science. and math, students work on a variety of creative projects’ Grades K-8

Writers Club

Students work individually and collaboratively to write original works and share with their peers, get the critique and improve their abilities and art continually

Careers Club

Students are exposed to different professions They discover careers that may match their interests. Students find about the requirements for careers of their choice.


Club allows Students discover more about technology, discuss technological developments and its effects on our daily lives, are encouraged to experiment and find solutions to identified problems.

Science Club

Students explore scientific phenomenon conduct experiments at home and plan experiments to better observe the world They learn about environment. discuss about how to keep the planet clean and sustainability issues like alternative energy and recycling.

Coding Club

Students learn to code, make programs and share their achievements.

B Pop Up Events

Pop Up Events are teacher-led. one-time events There’s an assortment of these events, which dot the academic year These events help students try new things.

  • DIY
  • Everyday Science
  • Financial literacy
  • Storytelling
  • Virtual trips to a Museum
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)
C Special Events

Through the year, the school hosts contests for our students to interact with students from other schools.

D Parents Club

Welcome to the Parents club of Mars Online School. The club brings our parents together m common pursuit that is enriching and value adding Interested parents and teachers are designated as coordinators who organize variety of events. study sessions. field trips and activities.

E Hear On

We understand the anxiety of the parents whose children are receiving on line education. We believe m continuous improvement. This initiative of ours help us to learn about the unique needs and expectations of the parents Through interactive and user-friendly surveys, Hear On allows you to share your opinions and ideas to help us improve and build a more effective school experience.

F Periodic Interactions

The school believes in a blended approach. Through periodic interactions the school brings the children to one place and accord them experiential learning. Be it conducting science experiments, learning crafts, working with variety of materials, all such activities are held during these periodic planned interactions. The school arranges transport for those who need it to bring children to the place designated for the interaction.

G Field Trips

Educational and fun field trips are organized throughout the year Trips are organized to venues like gardens, museums. places of work and special events.

The periodic interactions and field trips create opportunities for children to socialize, 10 meet their teachers and for parents to meet other parents.

H Student Fun

Artsy Beret

Whether you are trying your hand at art or creating masterpieces with an already artsy hand we’ve got something for everyone. This activity brings you an artsy carteblanche, for each time your creativity flows from your heart to hand.

Shutter bugs

From drooling over the specs of your dslr to giving helpful tips to capture the perfect picture, from setting the perfect aperture and adjusting the ISO to debate over if flash photography is better or without. From phone photographers to DSLRs everyone’s welcome to participate.

Dead poets Society

“I think therefore I am” any writer out there would swear by it. Whether it is contemplating theory or helping a fellow writer get a greater reach, we’ve got it all in this warm community of ours. Come join our fellow writers in this journey ofself-growth and self-discovery, two very essential things to build you as a human and a writer.

Weigh to go

In this club you will find all kinds of diet plans from cutting to bulking, we’ve got you. Multiple workout plans to keep you or make you shredded. Keeping a tally for all of you and promoting healthy competition.


Want toknow what goes in the world? Do you have what it takes to lead? Join to discuss the politics of the 21st century and unravel it all.

Musician’s Coterie

A community where you can share your musical journey, whether it is improving your vocals or learning a new instrument. Who knows you can find the PaulMcCartney to your John Lennon here.


This club is for all the book nerds out there who would always prefer paperbacks over kindle

Business Clique

A group to discuss and deliberate the wrongs and rights of business in this age, to talk about new and upcoming businesses to inspire the innovator in you, and who knows you might just find your future business partners in this group!

These teacher-led clubs and activities enable our students to deepen their learning and pursue their interests.

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